We have been very selective in choosing our alliances, to provide our clients with the benefits of highly effective tools and processes to address their individual needs.  

CoreValue Software has developed a system that assesses Transferable Business Value based on buyer perspectives - in a manner that is very consistent with our own experiences in the field.

This tool helps you zero in on the areas that offer the greatest opportunity for increasing the value of your own business. Even if your plan is for an internal transfer, these same enhancements will make your business stronger and more profitable for YOU now and your chosen successors in the future.

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STPI has developed a process that helps business owners find meaning and purpose in the next phase of their lives - which they characterize as the "Platinum Years".  It can clarify the range of future pursuits that could tap into your own passions and provide a similar level of fulfillment as business ownership has over the years.

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To help get you started down the right path, we are pleased to extend a FREE offer to Business Owners in the Loveland / Fort Collins area, which you can download right from this site.

Our free Value Report will show you the gap between what your business could be worth vs where it is today.  And to help you set priorities for narrowing that gap, it will also show the five key areas where changes would add the greatest amount of value.