At POSITIVE Exits, we help some business owners prepare well in advance for their eventual transfer of ownership.  


But our PRIMARY FOCUS is Helping Business Owners with No Plans to Leave to Strengthen their Businesses by Creating Endurance to Withstand the Unexpected. 


Why is that important?


Regardless of your personal plans, things may happen that are out of your control, which could force you to leave your business for a while, or permanently.  


These aren't just words for me, as I have personally

had five different cancers over the years, four of

which pulled me away from business for between 

one to nine months.  Except for those occasional cancers, I am quite healthy, so each diagnosis came as a shock.


Creating Endurance in Your Business will allow it to thrive in your absence, should the need arise.


At the same time, those very actions will Increase the Value of Your Business in the eyes of a Prospective Buyer whenever you may choose to pursue a sale.


 Our Objective is to Help You Achieve YOURS!

To help get you started down the right path, we are pleased to extend a FREE offer to Business Owners in the Loveland / Fort Collins area, which you can download right from this site.

Our free Value Report will show you the gap between what your business could be worth vs where it is today.  And to help you set priorities for narrowing that gap, it will also show the five key areas where changes would add the greatest amount of value.