Your Successful Business is a source of income and pride; but it may also be your most valuable Asset.  Its Endurance is important to You, Your Family, & Your Employees. 

                                                                                                                    Whether you chose to sell it someday or leave that task to others in the future, it is critical to position it so that it is viewed not just as a GOOD business by prospective buyers, but as a DESIRABLE one.

This requires much more than sprucing it up just prior to a sale.  And it goes beyond having a solid P&L and Balance Sheet.

Surely those things are important, and without them, interest would be limited. But prospective buyers will look closely to satisfy themselves that the business has the ability to remain sustainable into the future.  

Potential buyers may be impressed by your past successes; but the Value of your business to them will be based on their expectations for success after the transaction.  A buyer is purchasing FUTURE cash flows, and any risk to achieving them will be a justified reason to discount the price.

Several considerations factor into what a buyer will pay:

  • Have YOU been the critical driver of past business successes?
  • How about key employees who might choose to leave when you do?
  • How solid is your marketplace?
  • How significant is your company's market share?
  • How much of your current revenue will repeat in the future?
  • Is your business spread across a broad diversified customer base?
  • Are your financial records reliable?
  • Are the business' processes systematized and easily learned?


This is just a sampling of the characteristics that will determine transferable value.

Our process will assess these and many more, to help you develop action plans to address those which offer the greatest potential to Increase the Value of your Business.

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To help get you started down the right path, we are pleased to extend a FREE offer to Business Owners in the Loveland / Fort Collins area, which you can download right from this site.

Our free Value Report will show you the gap between what your business could be worth vs where it is today.  And to help you set priorities for narrowing that gap, it will also show the five key areas where changes would add the greatest amount of value.