Endurance of Your Personal Fulfillment


Your Business has given you more than the cash flow and wealth that can be quantified.  It has also provided you with Personal Satisfaction, Fulfillment, and Meaning.

It is easy to get wrapped up in the numbers, and lose sight of the qualitative benefits of Business Ownership; but they are no less important.  When making the choice to leave your business, it is just as critical to be prepared emotionally as it is to be ready financially.

Your Business may be ready.

Your Finances might be ready.  

But, if you have not developed a vision for the future that includes the level of stimulation, challenge, and meaning that business ownership has for all these years, you could end up disappointed and unfulfilled.

In fact, these very concerns cause many Business Owners to walk away from sale transactions at the 11th hour, after both sides have invested significant time and money into the process.

At POSITIVE Exits, we help our clients to explore options and discover the compelling passion they will be anxious to pursue, to ensure their Personal Fulfilment endures after leaving their business.  

With that, the focus shifts from the END of business ownership, to the START of a new adventure.

One of the tools we use is a process developed by STPI, the Successful Transition Planning Institute, to develop a vision of "What's Next?"

If you want to explore this independently of Endurance Planning™, we provide this link where you can order that tool directly from STPI....

What's Next?

To help get you started down the right path, we are pleased to extend a FREE offer to Business Owners in the Loveland / Fort Collins area, which you can download right from this site.

Our free Value Report will show you the gap between what your business could be worth vs where it is today.  And to help you set priorities for narrowing that gap, it will also show the five key areas where changes would add the greatest amount of value.