Endurance of Your Personal Wealth 


You have worked hard to achieve your current level of Wealth, and a major component of our service is to work with your Team of Advisors to Protect and Preserve it.

We will address your personal wealth objectives as part of our comprehensive Endurance Planning™ process.

There are no right answers, just those that meet YOUR Objectives...

   Is the actual after-tax transferrable value of your business adequate, when combined with your non-business assets, to satisfy your financial needs today, should you decide to leave your business by choice, or be forced to do so by circumstances?

   If not, do you have a target identified for when you would want the value to rise to that level?

   Keep in mind that we would already be working with you to enhance transferrable business value (under "Business"), but when it comes to your own wealth, we would also be focusing on steps to increase the AFTER-TAX proceeds that you or your heirs would realize from a transfer of ownership.  Advanced actions you take now can have a significant influence on how much of the eventual proceeds are lost to taxes. 

  Ensuring sustainability of business may also be critical to achieving those proceeds.  In more cases than not, your final payout will be dependent on future earnings from the business...even after its transfer.

Considerations of Selling Company to a Third Party

  Quantifying and Maximizing Potential Benefits. and

  Qualifying Potential Tradeoffs of This Approach.

Considerations of Transferring Ownership to Insiders

  Quantifying and Maximizing Benefits of the Options to...
  Sell, gift, or bonus to family, key employees or all employees.

Business Continuity

  Coordinating planning with lifetime objectives,

  Ensuring mechanisms are in place to provide continuity whether or not the owner is alive at time of the transfer.

Personal Wealth and Estate Planning

  Developed in direct response to Owner's Objectives. and

  Providing for family or philanthropic wishes, Tax Efficiently.

To help get you started down the right path, we are pleased to extend a FREE offer to Business Owners in the Loveland / Fort Collins area, which you can download right from this site.

Our free Value Report will show you the gap between what your business could be worth vs where it is today.  And to help you set priorities for narrowing that gap, it will also show the five key areas where changes would add the greatest amount of value.